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Testimony: Sylvie Bourgeois

Testimony from Sylvie Bourgeois, MAISON FLAMEL ambassador 

Writer, her next novel will be released on March 19, 2021. She is also the creator of the Youtube channel Marcelline l'aubergine, which fights for the preservation of old and reproductive seeds. 

“I met Samer at Bon Marché, when I did the oxygen treatment and the facial scan, with whom I immediately had a warm and friendly contact. I felt confident. After the oxygen treatment, I called my husband (editor's note: the director Philippe Harel) to come and do this treatment in order to better understand the results and I saw immediately that it had him smoothed the face and brightened the skin!

I have a lot of allergies so I wanted to be sure that MAISON FLAMEL products were really hypoallergenic. In my choices, I always go for what is natural, it meets my convictions, so I am twice as sensitive to the quality of the ingredients that Samer puts in his creams.
I then tested the AUR BALM and after a few days no allergic reaction, so I came back to buy it. I have also gotten into the habit of doing the MAISON FLAMEL oxygen treatment at the Hotel Bel Ami, with vitamins and trace elements: it revitalizes my skin from the inside out!
In fact, in the fall of 2019, at the Flore price, a friend took me aside and said "Sylvie, admit you had a facelift! ".

My dermatologist, whom I saw two weeks ago, confirmed to me that my skin was very well hydrated, which was not the case before the meeting with MAISON FLAMEL products.
As I have very thin and delicate skin, she was often dehydrated.

Finally, I also use the Alkemic Balm to hydrate my feet; the smell is addictive and regressive! So it is a pleasure in the evening after a shower to use this balm.

I believe in long-term relationships and with MAISON FLAMEL I have found the care that will accompany me for many years to come.
I want to take good care of myself, so the signs of aging don't take hold of me. Add to that a lot of joy, cheerfulness, love and big smiles: here is my beauty elixir! ".

My MAISON FLAMEL routineCleansing

I cleanse my skin with the Micellar Honey, then I apply the Initial Care.In the morning

I use the CU2+ range (serum and cream).At night

I also use the Baume AUR for my face and the Alkemic Balm on my feet.