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Discover MAISON FLAMEL, Parisian Maison of contemporary beauty inspired by alchemy.


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    Alchemical Rituals



    MAISON FLAMEL offers Alchemical Rituals of personalized care, treating the face, neck and hands using innovative devices and exceptional care products.

    These Rituals act at the level of the epidermis and beyond, without compromising harmlessness the sensoriality.

    A Ritual is divided into 3 phases:

    • the Black Phase: consists of removing make-up and cleansing the skin, followed by the first analysis with the Scan FLAMEL.
    • the White Phase: consists of a Cure of 6 weekly treatments with the FLAMEL device pulsing oxygen combined with the daily application of skin care products.
    • la Phase Or : consiste en une analyse des résultats obtenus avec le Scan FLAMEL et une comparaison avant/après de l’âge réel de la peau.

    The first results are immediate. Over the Rituals, the effects are perpetuated.