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    Oxygen, secret of youth




    MAISON FLAMEL has an innovative approach towards oxygen called Oxygen Vector. It consists of transforming oxygen into a skin care element.

    This approach is doubly beneficial:
    on the first hand, through a supply of non-oxidizing oxygen that detoxifies cells and stimulates their youth, without side effects of oxidation;
    on the other hand, this oxygen improves the penetration of actives, which makes them more effective.

    In the case of the FLAMEL device, this is possible by using oxygen at the right dose and by combining it with the active antioxidants and appropriate elements. In the case of skincare products, MAISON FLAMEL's signature active ingredient called O2V, present in our aqueous creams and serums, stimulates cellular breathing by bearing only the correct oxygen, i.e. without reactive oxygen derivatives. It also improves the penetration of other active ingredients present in the formulas.