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    The Flamel Oxygen Device

    As a first step, the FLAMEL esthetician performs a gentle micro-exfoliation of the skin using the Sapphire Exfoliant, an instrument specifically used in cabin treatments.

    Then, the FLAMEL device "breathes": it filters the ambient air to retain only oxygen. Its applicator delivers this pulsed oxygen in depth, at the appropriate dose and without the slightest risk.

    A breath of freshness and renewal is felt from the first minutes.

    Then this breath becomes even fresher, more humid. A specific care capsule rich in antioxidants and trace elements is incorporated into the applicator. The active ingredients are then nebulized into microdroplets which are pulsed via oxygen in the epidermis and beyond.

    At this stage, depending on the diagnosis made, the FLAMEL esthetician chooses a treatment program for the FLAMEL device among the 3 elements offered:

    • AIR: detoxifying and soothing program,
    • CU2+ : anti-wrinkle and stimulating program,
    • AUR: restructuring and nourishing program.

    After a few minutes, the skin is smoothed and the complexion is unified and invigorated.