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    The Alchemilla

    Lady's mantle, or alchemilla vulgaris, is the plant of alchemists and women. Also called Notre-Dame's mantle, this plant has extraordinary hormonal properties: in an infusion, it helps women overcome their difficulties (painful periods, pre-menopause, etc.) and men to regain their virility.

    From the Middle Ages, it is said that the alchemists plucked every morning the dew that accumulated on the leaves of Alchemilla in order to use this "celestial water" in the manufacture of the elixir of long life.

    On the skin, it has many virtues. Due to its concentration of vitamin C (5 times more than a lemon), it is antioxidant. Also, it is healing, astringent and protective.

    Today, MAISON FLAMEL fully appropriates this alchemical plant.