Maison Flamel

Discover MAISON FLAMEL, Parisian Maison of contemporary beauty inspired by alchemy.


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+33 (0)6 70 34 50 36 12 rue de l’Echaudé, 75006 Paris

High quality products




MAISON FLAMEL has the most qualitative products in its category. Beyond qualitative packaging, most of the budget is invested in R&D and formulas. Our quality is beyond measure, at the same price level.

In addition to the benchmark cosmetic ingredients (vitamins, collagen, hyaluronic acid), MAISON FLAMEL uses extremely expensive and effective active ingredients derived from biotechnology.



Natural and respectful products


Produits clean

Beyond green washing, MAISON FLAMEL is committed to a clean beauty and efficiency approach:

  • 100% active formulas,
  • Natural or uncontroversial ingredients.
  • Technical ingredients without compromising on safety,
  • No petrochemicals, silicones, endocrine disruptors...

A respectful Made in France approach:

  • Of the environment with a minimal carbon footprint,
  • Of employment thanks to qualified employees and service providers.