Maison Flamel

Discover MAISON FLAMEL, Parisian Maison of contemporary beauty inspired by alchemy.


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    +33 (0)6 70 34 50 36 12 rue de l’Echaudé, 75006 Paris


    MAISON FLAMEL is a Beauty Maison inspired by alchemy.
    MAISON FLAMEL was born of encounters, dazzling and fusion.
    MAISON FLAMEL is both the alchemy and the Paris of Saint Germain-des-Prés, it is the art of well-made formulas twisted with an addictive sensoriality, it is naturalness tinted with esotericism.

    MAISON FLAMEL bears the imprint of its creator. Samer Zakharia is an alchemist. In him, influences merge: East meets West, science enriches itself with magic, biotechnological assets and advanced devices mingle with breviary formulas.

    MAISON FLAMEL puts at the heart of its formulas a mythical plant: Alchemilla. This plant has been celebrated by alchemists since the Middle Ages for its calming and astringent, anti-oxidant and healing properties.

    MAISON FLAMEL is the pure creation that gave birth to MAISON DOUZE.

    MAISON DOUZE by Maison Flamel est l’incarnation des signes astrologiques.

    MAISON DOUZE by MAISON FLAMEL is universal yet intimate dialog between astrology and fragrance.

    MAISON FLAMEL is quite simply a unique Maison, which offers genuine care, effective formulas, precise and surprising protocols.

    The Founder

    “A thousand-year-old legend tells that troublemaker angels would have led the world to its destruction by teaching women the artifices of cosmetics and embellishment.

    I just hope that Maison Flamel will participate in a more ameliorative and cheerful definition of the cosmetic fact. ”

    Samer Zakharia, creator of the Maison.



    High-end skincare ingredients and innovative technology.
    Precious and unique perfumery ingredients.


    A gentle breath of air, surprising textures, delicate scents, a sincere and personalized welcome and service.


    A progressive and definitive clean beauty approach, favoring glass over plastic and sourced locally in order to limit its carbon footprint.

    Saint Germain-des-Prés

    MAISON FLAMEL has always been anchored in Saint Germain-de-prés in Paris. This Paris is made up of cutting-edge booksellers and art galleries, mythical cafes and naturally chic Parisians. A Paris where the mixture gives birth to an innate and sincere elegance.

    Born rue de Lille, a stone's throw from Serge Gainsbourg's house, the Maison has gradually spread throughout the neighborhood.

    This anchoring was consolidated thanks to exclusive partnerships: the Hotel Bel Ami then the Hotel Montalembert, to then develop on the right bank at the Hotel Vernet and the Hotel de Sers recently.

    Finally, the Maison has moved to her home, in her own Athanor boutique, at 12 rue de l'Echaudé.